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Independent Vapor Retailers Of Minnesota
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Welcome to the IVRM

The IVRM exists to advocate on behalf of Minnesota vapor businesses and Minnesota's vapor industry at both the state and local levels, when proposed ordinances and legislation threaten what we’ve all worked so hard to build. We fight for your right to be in business and for your customers' rights to vape. Simply stated, we FIGHT to protect vaping in Minnesota. 

Possible only through the generous support of our members, the IVRM has been successful in thwarting anti-vape efforts that would have otherwise burdened or eliminated Minnesota’s Vapor Businesses; EACH of the past four years at the state/legislative level and ongoing at the local/municipal level all across the state. 

We’ve been able to meet with and educate numerous elected officials all over the state, from Senators and Representatives, to City Councils and County Boards. And we have produced numerous successes in doing so!


~ Your State Vapor Trade Association Needs You ~ 

... if this important work is to continue then the support of all Minnesota-owned vapor businesses is needed - especially now, when we are facing a push for T21 statewide, a possible statewide flavor ban, and yes - yet another tax proposal during this 2018 Legislative Session.

Fighting against anti-vape organizations - with millions of dollars and endless resources at their disposal - is no easy task but united, we CAN beat them … And together, we can continue to achieve impressive results on behalf of all Minnesota vapor businesses. In other words, fighting to preserve our businesses from never-ending attacks costs money; that’s just a harsh reality. So,
please consider joining us in pledging your much needed support for the IVRM’s efforts today! 

If you are a current IVRM Member - THANK YOU for your continued support!
If you are a past member - we hope you will RENEW your support! 
If you’ve never been a member - we welcome your participation!

Stay Informed and Be Heard!

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