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Cap O'Rourke

Lobbyist, Cap O’Rourke, has spent his entire career working in the political arena as a legislative strategist, policy advocate campaigner and government relations specialist, with each experience gaining a deeper understanding of the complexities associated with the political, financial and human pressures that affect how public policy decisions are generally made.

With then over a decade of legislative experience, Cap successfully leveraged his hands-on knowledge of the intricate legislative process, launching O’Rourke Strategic Consulting (OSC) in 2014, which has achieved great success in representing the vapor industry with overwhelmingly positive results.

OSC has been on the front lines of the ongoing battles for and against proposed changes to vapor policies and has produced numerous successes for the industry at the federal, state and local levels. Cap was the first lobbyist in the U.S. to be hired by a state vapor trade association, successfully advocating on behalf of the IVRM organization and its members, since 2014.

Having testified at over 30 local community hearings and work session meetings, as well as numerous legislative hearings and committee meetings at the Capitol, Cap is IVRM’s go-to spokesperson for defending the rights and ability of vapor businesses to continue to operate without unfair restrictions. As a result of his efforts, Minnesota is also one of the few states to have earned bipartisan support on pro-vapor federal legislation.

Cap’s expertise has been instrumental in helping the IVRM ...
  • to successfully defeat efforts at the state level proposing increased taxes on vapor products.

  • to successfully defeat efforts to include vapor in the statewide clean indoor air act.

  • to fight against various municipal level efforts to prohibit sampling and flavors in vape stores.

  • to fight against various municipal level efforts to increase the age to purchase, to 21 (T21).

  • to establish the organization as a recognized and well respected voice throughout the state!
Over the course of his career, Cap has achieved a proven track record of delivering results at all levels of government and has worked first-hand on many major legislative initiatives, including tax reform, affordable housing, economic development, and small business growth projects.

OSC is fortunate to have a diverse client base, which gives Cap many opportunities to work inside a broad range of issues, including several high-profile issues as well as some quieter, lesser-known topics; successfully implementing policy changes, defeating harmful proposed regulations, and securing both one time and ongoing funding for a number of programs on their behalf. These successes are largely a result of Cap’s strong working relationships with legislators, commissioners, councils, and agency leaders from all areas of the state and partisan backgrounds.