Research Links

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding e-cigarettes and vaping, is that there “hasn’t been enough research.” This is simply not the case, and below you will find a small collection of the hundreds of studies that have been done on e-cigarettes and their health and safety.

Dr. Keith Ablow’s E-Cig Study Has Dramatic Results – Predicts e-cigs could be “the most effective anti-tobacco tool we’ve known”

Peering through the mist: What does the chemistry of contaminants in electronic cigarettes tell us about health risks

National Institute of Health’s Comparison of the effects of e-cigarette vapor and cigarette smoke on indoor air quality.

E-cigarette study hints at quit-aid potential

EffiCiency and Safety of an eLectronic cigAreTte (ECLAT) as Tobacco Cigarettes Substitute: A Prospective 12-Month Randomized Control Design Study

Evaluation of Electronic Cigarette Use (Vaping) Topography and Estimation of Liquid Consumption: Implications for Research Protocol Standards Definition and for Public Health Authorities’ Regulation

Cytotoxicity evaluation of electronic cigarette vapor extract on cultured mammalian fibroblasts (ClearStream-LIFE): comparison with tobacco cigarette smoke extract

‘Vaping’ profiles and preferences: an online survey of electronic cigarette users

Levels of selected carcinogens and toxicants in vapour from electronic cigarettes

Impact of an electronic cigarette on smoking reduction and cessation in schizophrenic smokers: a prospective 12-month pilot study.

E-cigarettes: harmless inhaled or exhaled – No second hand smoke

New Study: Smokeless Tobacco is NOT Associated with Pancreatic Cancer

Pfizer’s study on their nicotine inhaler product (Nicotrol). Discusses absorbtion rates and risks.

Australian Pharmacist Volume 25 | Number 12 | December 2006 – Nicotine and nicotine replacement therapy – the facts

Propylene glycol in e cigarettes might keep us healthy, says researchers